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                                                        C O M P A N Y    P R O F I L E



                                  Company  name:                                                                     s.c.  ETHORI  s.r.l.

                                  Address:                                                                                   Str. VICTORIEI  nr. 1,  Bloc  G 7,  Apt. 11

                                  City:                                                                                           Mun.       CALARASI

                                  County:                                                                                      Judetul   CALARASI

                                  Country:                                                                                     ROMANIA

                                  Mobile:                                                                                      004  0722 423356

                                  Fax:                                                                                            004  0342 810 510

                                  Email:                                                                                        ethori2002@yahoo.com,   ethori2000@yahoo.co.uk.        

                                  Contact  Person:                                                                      Mr. Titus  TOMA,  General  Manager

                                  Year  of  establishment:                                                          1996

                                  No. of  employees:                                                                  13

                                  Ownership:                                                                               Private

                                  Juridical  status:                                                                       LTD  Limited  partnership

                                  Member  Chamber  of  Commerce:                                      Chamber  of  Commerce  and  Industry of Romania

                                                                                                                                        and  Bucharest  Municipality

                                  Registration  number:                                                              J 51 / 621 / 1996

                                  Company  sales  tax number:                                                 R 9053645             

                                  Domain:                                                                                    Producer, distributor  and  exporter.


                       Main  activity:


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§          folk art and  handicraft items;

§          tapestries – interior decorations;

§          hand made decorative and household glassware items;

§          products of porcelains and  fine ceramics;

§          ecological  wooden toys;

§          quality  wooden  kids  furniture;

§          decorative objects with stained / coloured  glass window and mosaic;

§          wrought  iron  furniture;

§          join us !




                                  Exports destinations:                                USA, Germany, Greece, etc.

                            Domestic Market:                                     Shop with popular profile.



                                          Short Presentation:


                                  The company  distributes  and  exports:


                                   1.  Folk art and  handicraft  items:


                                 -  folk costumes from all ethnographic areas;





               - folk blouses made of cotton, linen, peasant skirts, sheepskin  coats, girdle,  belts, raw silk head         dresses, traditional bags, hats, with handmade embroideries;





                                       - necklace and bracelet  of  beads;





                                       - craftsmanship dresses, suits and cloaks of ecological raw materials ( wool, cotton, linen );







                                    - hand made carpets and tapestry ( hand knotted carpets and rugs, hand woven carpets and rugs, hand made tapestry );







- sewings, embroideries, macramés, lace ( table-cloths, serviettes, towels, bed spreads, etc. );







                                       -  Gobelin tapestry / gobelin;







      - vegetal fibres wickerwork ( bulrush, osier, corn husk etc. )( armchair, tables and benches, baskets, slippers, hats, bags for ladies, dressed bottles, miscellaneous );









               - products  hand made of metal - brass, copper ( water / wine mugs, kettles,                                                                                large pots, ash trays, etc. );





                     - folk and craftsmanship ceramics ( hand made utilitarian and decorative ceramics – plates, pots, tankards, pitchers, different decorative vases, table sets, etc. ); 








                                 -  figurative  ceramics;










                                 -  products made of bone and horns ( carved, indented, cut );









                  -  wooden craftsmanship items ( for kitchens, made by carving and hand made  sculpture )( different utilitarian and decorative items hand made carved, sculptured, pyrographied and / or painted );            







                        - Transylvanian hand carved and/or painted furniture ( chairs, benches, cupboards, hallstand / wall racks, chests, etc. );







                                 -  icon painted on wood or glass;





                                 -  dyed and painted eggs;











                                       -  traditional  masks;









                                  -  folk  dolls ( figurines wearing popular  costumes );









                                       -  musical  instruments;







                                 -  hand made decorative candles;







                                       -  toys made of wood, ceramics and vegetal fibers;





                                 -  naïve paintings ( pictures );





                                 -  glass and hand made ornaments for Christmas tree.








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                     2.  Tapestries – interior  decorations.












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                                   3.  Glassware:

      -  hand made decorative and household glassware  items  (  bowls, lamps, brackets, ceiling light,  candlestick, candies boxes, ash trays : Galle tip, Daum-Nancy, Schneider, Muller, etc. )






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                                   4.  Porcelains  and  fine  ceramics:

                                 - household and decorative articles of porcelain or of fine bone china.

                                 - household and decorative articles of ceramic.

                                 - household and decorative articles of earthenware.










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                                   5.  Ecological  wooden  toys.








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  6. Quality wooden kids  furniture ( cradles, beds, folds / enclosures, wardrobes, sand cases, multifunctional chairs, etc. ).




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                                   7.  Decorative objects with stained / colored glass window and mosaic:

      -  golden thin paper gilding;





      - stained / colored glass windows ( inserted in furniture, for churches, panel of secular stained glass window, painting, etc. );





                  - mosaic ( paintings, lamps, icons, decorative vases, crucifixes, church mosaic, furniture, ash trays, mirror frames, church paintings, etc. ).




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  8.  Wrought  iron  furniture :

     - beds and sofas;

     - tables and chairs;

     - shelves and pegs;

     - mirrors and curtain holders;

     - garden furniture and terrace furniture;

     - gates, fences, balustrades;

     - accessories and decorations;

     - wine racks, newspaper holders, farming and gardening tools, etc..






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                                                    join us !


 The company looks for distributorship and agency representation on the US,  European, Japanese market, etc.


     The company looks for representation of foreign companies on the Romanian market and for the distribution of foreign   company products.



                         SC ETHORI SRL offers modern, remarkably structured and various coloured products. Our company is well known for its competence and seriousness, representing an ideal partner.

         Since we are planning to develop our activities, we are looking for new customers wishing to export and/or distribute our products.

                                    Therefore, we invite any company interested in our offer to contact us at the address mentioned above.

                              Should you need any other details, please do not hesitate to send your requests.


                              Yours faithfully


                                   Titus  TOMA

                      General   Manager


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